IceStart is applied at the time of pour. It can be applied through the sprayer of a power trowel or sprayed from a high-volume, low-pressure sprayer. IceStart MUST be used in conjunction with either walk-behind or ride-on power trowels. IceStart is applied during each subsequent panning cycle at a rate of 400 SF per gallon, for a total of three applications.


After IceStart, apply IceStop as soon as the trowels are finished. IceStop is applied using pump-up garden or high-volume, low-pressure sprayers at a rate of 400 SF per gallon. After IceStop has completely dried, gently scrub surface and, using minimal water, rinse and wet vacuum floor if necessary.


After IceStop has been applied and the surface is clean and dry, simply spray IceCap and disperse with a weighted T-bar with clean applicator. Burnish with a Green Umbrella-recommended a weighted, UHS (Ultra-High Speed), propane-powered, burnisher equipped with a GreenGloss™ thick black pad to produce gloss readings unreachable by other processes.